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Item No: I1434
Price: $1,250.00
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An absolute beauty!! Made by Perkin Elmer for the military to measure concentrations of wear metals in aircraft lubricating oil. It is a complete system with built in microprocessor, display and printer. Considered portable, it consists of two units in separate cases with interconnecting cables and a third very strong shipping case that holds everything. The analyzer can simultaneously measure (in parts per million) the concentrations of nine metals.

The instrument is easy to operate. Simply introduce a small sample of your oil, water or fluid you want to analyze into the graphite tube in the furnace using the supplied injector probe and press the start button. After the automatic analysis cycle (about 1.5 minutes) is completed, the unit prints out onto paper tape the metal concentrations.

The optics in this thing are impressive. There are two hollow cathode lamps (HCL) that provide the spectral line sources for the metal analysis for iron, silver, aluminum, chromium, copper, magnesium, nickel, silicon, and titanium. The transfer optics consists of mirrors that combine the spectral output light beams of the two HCLs into a single light beam. The light beam is transmitted thru the graphite furnace tube (the furnace reaches temperatures up to 3000 degrees C and actually vaporizes the metals in the sample) and onto the entrance slit of the polychromator. The spectral light is focused onto a diffraction grating and the nine spectral lines unique to the metals are separated and positioned on the focal plane. At each focal plane position is an exit slit and the secondary optics measures each light output.

In addition to the complete instrument, you get 20 extra graphite tubes, 6 calibration standards, other supplies, a tool kit, and Operation & Maintenance instructions with illustrated parts breakdown. Unused and in mint condition. Original cost was $70,156.36 each!! Our price is less than 2% of what our government originally paid for them. Looks like they bought more than they needed. Sorry, but we are not allowed to ship these outside of the United States
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