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Item No: K1028
Price: $69.95

This small battery operated Van de Graaff Generator produces up to 3/4" long sparks and is perfect for demonstrating many electrostatic phenomena. The small Van de Graaff is similar to the larger machines but it won't produce the larger sparks and extremely high voltages. Our generator has a 4-3/4" Diameter dome on top and produces about 25,000 Volts at a very low current (for safety). The voltage is harmless and it feels like a common "static shock" you might receive when you walk across a carpet on a dry day. We include demonstration experiments that are fascinating and teach electrostatic concepts. The kit requires no soldering and can be assembled with just a screwdriver and pliers. The completed kit stands over 14" high and the base is 6" x 8". Very attractive, useful, and safe - requires 4 "C" batteries (not included). Complete with all parts, full color experiment manual with instructions and several accessories for demonstrations.
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