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Item No: L13001
Price: $250.00
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An absolute beauty. Very fast 155mm (6.1") diameter air spaced achromatic triplet objective with a focal length of 195mm (f/1.25) and multi-coated. There are three glass elements air spaced and mounted. We believe these will make great wide field low power telescopes, incredible binoculars especially suited for low light conditions, or astrographs. Other uses may be for building a camera, projector, HDTV projection, telephoto, finder for your huge scope, low light compact camera obscura, etc, etc.

These were made for a custom camera, are slightly used, and in excellent condition. Original cost was several thousand dollars each. We have no specifics regarding the camera. A negative achromat can be used with this to extend the triplet's focal length.

Our very limited testing suggests that they are well corrected for visual color. We've done some research and can't find an objective this fast and size anywhere at any price. We don't know the name of the manufacturer, but this is clearly a precision triplet. One of our customers was able to do an analysis of the composition of the elements. The back element is a high index Lanthanum and Barium glass.

Have just this one left which was hidden and just found.
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