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Item No: L14576
Price: $30.00

University of Rochester just recently developed a cloaking device that uses ordinary lenses. We have put together a set of 6 achromats that lets you create your own "Rochester Cloak" Below are links to the University of Rochester's page and others describing how it works. They indicated that it best works with achromats, so we selected a set of 6 achromats that meet the parameters needed and also keeps the length of the device to less than 36 inches for ease of use.

You get 6 cemented doublet achromats (2 mounted achromats and 2 mounted double achromats), 33mm diameter, as well as instructions with specific distances to separate your lenses, and other relevant information. This is a fun and educational kit that keeps you up to date with the latest in cloaking technology.

Here are the links:

If you need an optical bench, then you should order our L14575 which has the same lenses but includes a mini optical bench.

Have fun!
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