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Item No: L3294
Price: $15.00
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Unused beauty. NEC TV projection lens. Designed for use in big screen TV projection systems. Front clear lens diameter of 4-1/8", rear clear lens diameter of 3 7/8", barrel length of 6 1/4" x 5 1/8" diameter (front) and 4 5/8" diameter (rear), multi-element (appears to be all glass as the lens assembly weighs 5 pounds), with coated optics. Black plastic barrel with 5/8" wide notched front grip ring and 5 1/8" diameter x 3/4" wide barrel-center threaded mount. The lens projects a large image in a short distance. Great for education projects such as slide or transparency projector, etc in addition to TV projection. Designed to be nearly in contact with subject surface. The number 542 is stamped on the barrel and may be the NEC model number. We haven't taken one apart, but it looks like different types of large diameter optical elements. Includes black plastic front and lens cover. Only a few left and they have some minor scratches
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