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Item No: M2022P
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We had these before and sold out. Just a couple hundred more

This is perfect for toys, robotics, solar power demos, and science projects. High quality model RF-500T-10750 by Mabuchi. Marked 5.9VDC, 10ma, but will run on 1.5v battery and on voltages up to at least 9VDC. These are low inertia, low current drain motors that are perfect for solar applications. One ad we saw indicates that they will run one month on a single "D" cell. Very versatile motor as we have seen claims that it will run on 0.5 volts up to 12 volts. 1950 RPM. We have large quantities of these so build them into your product and we'll supply them. Shaft is 2mm diameter by 10mm long. Motor is 31mm diameter by 20mm thick with 130mm long leads. Unused.
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