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Item No: M3470
Closeout Price: $5.00

This is a carbon brush 5 pole motor. The magnet wire is 0.14mm in diameter and there are 449 turns of armature winding per pole. The motor starts to work at 1.5VDC, but not sure as of yet what the max voltage is and rpm. These motors are 35.8mm in diameter and are 76mm long including shaft and terminals. The shaft is 17mm long by 3.2mm in diameter. There is a flat part on the one side of the shaft that is 10mm long from the tip of the shaft down. This is a great motor for robotic and other applications. Unused

We did some no load testing: At 3VDC,1825RPM; 6V,4200RPM; 7.5V, 5400RPM; 10V,7470RPM; 12V, 8630RPM; and 14V, >10,000RPM and still running cool.
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