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Item No: R3100D
Price: $225.00

This is great for educational demonstrations. Unit has a plastic housing that is 12 inches high by 12 inches wide (including the control knobs) and 3-3/4" thick. Huge scale is 9" x 4". Includes 12 interchangeable scales as follows: 0-5V DC, 0-10V DC, 0-300V DC, 5-0-5V DC, 0-15V AC, 0-50V AC, 0-10mA DC, 0-100mA DC, 0-5A DC, 0-50mA AC, 0-500mA AC, and 0-1A AC. Basic movement is 5mA, 100mV. Frequency range is 10Hz to 20KHz. Has zero adjust knob on the side as well as clamp to protect the needle. New/Unused.
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