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Item No: T1508
Closeout Price: $38.00
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These British-produced British military binoculars are rugged construction, intended for field use during World War II. The Kershaw MK3 features a porro-II prism design for improved light transmission, and 6x magnification. The four base ports allow for nitrogen purging to eliminate the fog-prone oxygen otherwise present in the optical path, and drying of all internal parts should the unit be water-saturated. Focusing is available for each eye. Each unit has a black-enameled brass body, coated optics, is marked BINO PRISM No. 2 MK3, X6, GRATICULES 1/2 (degree) APART AND 1/4 (degree) 1/2 (degree) AND 1 (degree) HIGH. Made between 1943 and 1944. These have seen the field, but are in good working condition. Great military 6x30 collectable binocular that you can use and at a great price. Unbelievable new low closeout price

The remaining binoculars are complete but there is no reticle in either eyepiece.
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