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Make an extremely compact and portable scope. Primary mirror is 138mm with a focal length of 294mm and the corrector plate mirror is 135.5mm diameter and -11800mm focal length.  The corrector center mirror is 37mm diameter.  We believe that generates an f/12, 1656mm (65 inches) focal length scope with a tube length of about just 12 inches  The factory that made the optics did not make the complete telescope so we don’t the exact scope specs, only the optics specs above.

Provides a sealed optical system..  Eliminates the spider needed in standard reflector scope

Maksutov-Cassegrain telescopes are a catadioptric design, meaning they use both lenses and mirrors.  Mak-Casses are primarily reflecting telescopes, but they use a corrector lens to eliminate aberrations that would result from the mirror design alone.  In a Mak-Cass the incoming light passes through the Maksutov corrector lens (sometimes called a meniscus corrector, because of its shape) at the front of telescope.  It is reflected from a concave primary mirror at the back of the scope which focuses the light to the front of the telescope where it is reflected again by a smaller, convex secondary mirror.  Finally, the light travels back through a hole in the primary mirror to the rear of the scope where an eyepiece is located for visual observing (or a camera for photographing).  By folding the light in this manner, a Mak-Cass can be made much smaller than an equivalent Newtonian or refractor.  Unused.  Only have a few


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