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ZoomCam ISA Model 1575 made by Zoom Telephonics. These are unused and include a 10 foot cable with ferrite noise filter and 9-pin circular mini-DIN plug to connect into your video-ready faxmodem or video capture card (modem or card not included). This camera has a lot of features and a wealth of parts. Includes a high-quality f/1.9 multi-element anti-reflection coated lens with a focal length of 4.8mm and a 50 degree wide angle field of view. Adjustable focus from 2 inches to infinity. The camera automatically adjusts for exposure, contrast, backlight, and fluorescent light "flicker" for high performance over a broad range of light conditions. Resolution is 352 X 288 pixels. It uses an advanced CMOS array to provide high resolution color live action video or point-and- click imagecapture. With a little creativity you should be able to adapt this to an unlimited amount of uses. Will run off 9 volts DC. Power consumption is 600mW nominal, 48mW sleep mode. We don't have schematic diagrams, so you will have to do some tracing to see what each pin goes to. Should be a fun and rewarding project. There are drivers that can be downloaded from http://www.zoomtel.com/ts1/cam/isa.shtml. The case is a contemporary design with weighted base and only 1.88" wide by 3.3" long by 2.43" high and has a standard mount for camera tripod. Take a look at all 3 photos to get a better idea of what you will get for such a pittance. Unused


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