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This instrument is designed for high performance student use. It has a cast aluminum alloy main structure. The collimator tube is mounted on the fixed pillar and telescope tube on the moveable part. Both the collimator and telescope have 175mm focal length, 32mm clear aperture object glass at their one ends. The collimator has a precision slit 6mm high and telescope has Ramsden eye-piece 15X at their other ends. Both collimator and telescope have rack and pinion focusing and means for leveling their axes and squaring them to the axis of rotation. The scale is 127mm diameter with a protective shield that is fixed to the telescope movement and the prism table is attached to the double ended vernier which reads to 1 minute arc. Both telescope and table can be rotated independently by hand about the same vertical axis. These can be clamped at the desired positions and adjusted precisely with the help of fine adjustment screws. Prism table is marked with lines to assist placing the prism with respect to the table leveling screws and has screwed holes for fixing prism and grating holders. Prism holder can accommodate prisms up to 38mm high. Supplied with prism holder, grating holder, magnifier glass, tommy bar for adjustment of optical axis and dense flint glass prism, equilateral 32x32mm. Please note that they no longer come in a wood case. New/Unused


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