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Brainlink is a controller that allows you to create rich programs for toy robots and home automation. Programs run on computers or android phones linked to the Brainlink via Bluetooth. Brainlink then controls the robot or device using infrared signals, mimicking the signals of a device's remote control. Auxiliary connectors allow you to add new sensors and actuators to your robot or device. A unique device that links devices controlled via infrared (IR) remote control with computers and Android-powered smartphones. Brainlink allows you to: Write programs that control toy robots, TVs, VCRs, and just about anything else with an IR remote Expand the capabilities of these devices with additional sensors or outputs Decode, visualize, and replicate the signals of most infrared remotes, and lots more. Original manufacturer price was $129.00 As of 3/26/2014, the manufacturer has discontinued sales and email support of the Brainlink controller. However, their website with detailed hardware and software information about its use is still on line at http://www.brainlinksystem.com/ "This site will remain up indefinitely to provide support to existing customers." Additional information: The Brainlink also connects with Robosapiens and other Wowwwee Toys as well as iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaners, but does not connect with the Finch as we previously thought.


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