We have one of the largest selection of surplus lenses in the world, and at great prices! Use our Lens Finder to search through thousands of in-stock lenses or try our NEW custom lens service to satisfy all your large quantity and superior quality needs.

In addition, most (in-stock) achromats are $7.50 each or 10 for $60; most (in-stock) single element lenses are $4.50 each or 10 for $35. Mounted, camera, unusual, and large lenses can be found in our "Item Quick Find" menu, or you can use our "Search the Shed" feature. We are now inventorying our huge variety of lenses and updating this finder weekly.

When searching for negative lenses, enter the largest focal length number first.  For example:  If you are searching for a negative lens with a focal length between -50mm and -100mm you would enter -100 first then -50.


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